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3 min readJul 6, 2022
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Teenage pregnancy is a huge issue few places around the world both in the highly educated countries and also in other lower educational countries.

There are many countries fighting it hard however Kenya is a very interesting country to learn from on how community organisations are solving it.

During our visit to Kenya, BøthOfUs met lot of city decision makers, community organisation and youth in the country. One common thing every stakeholder in the Kenyan society is 100% committed to solve is Teenage pregnancy.

Here are some facts about Kenyan teenage pregnancy
(Source : Citizen TV)

As of July 5th

  • Recorded total teenage pregnancy : 317,644
  • Percentage of adolescent pregnancy : 21%
  • 1 in 3 mothers attending clinical care as mothers are teenagers
  • Out of 47 counties — 9 counties contribute to 56% of teenage pregnancy
  • 20,803 pregnancies recorded in the teenage with age of 10 to 14 years
  • Kenya is 3rd in place in world on teenage pregnancy crisis

Community Organisations

Community organisations in Kenya, handles and improves awareness along with the help of municipality departments & NGO to stop teenage pregnancy in Kenya.

Any researchers and academic experts would suggest education which can be passed on to the society improves the awareness and sex education in schools helps to reduce the teenage pregnancies.

Community organisations in Kenya or sub saharan countries rarely get funding & have to struggle so much to do what is currently done by them in the ground.

United nation agencies are trying their best to solve this issue, the biggest problem there is lack of data which can be trusted. Data collection and capacity building data collection is an expensive process. The municipalities in Africa or any part of the global south is struggling to do this, this results in a chain effect on taking action based on data on the ground. Community organisation role and tech innovation role becomes vital when it comes to data collection.

Offline data collection tools and training of data collectors becomes a vital key to solve the problem.

EU, Oceania & States based social impact companies should step up and try to help and collaboration with sub saharan community organisation.

The innovation which can be happen using digital spectrum or education in solving teenage problem is both a great cause for present and creating a healthy future together.

In BøthOfUs, our strategy is to tap into Entrepreneurial forces around social impact innovation area in sub saharan zone by forming a consortium with Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, DRC based social activist/innovators as level 1 to create solutions together in the name of scale up Africa program. If you are interested to solve problems like teenage pregnancy, teenage drug issues, FGM together with us, please, write to us

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