We are BothOfUs

BøthOfUs: A Swedish initiative to promote social entrepreneurship

Founded in : 2017 in Stockholm,Sweden

The why ?

BøthOfUs sprouted out of the frustration that great social impact innovations, created by social impact entrepreneurs, fades away due to improper planning or common mistakes on the digital part.

The what?

Social impact is feasible only with collaboration and cognitive diversity

Frustration turned into motivation, when BøthOfUs founders found a way to use their technology and design, corporate competency experience from their past 10 years of work in 2017.

BothOfUs founder have past working experience in

  • Google-UAE,
  • Ericsson-Sweden ,
  • Sony-Dubai &
  • Swedish bank
  • Public employment agency -Sweden.

Using those experience BøthOfUs created

  • A pre-study model for solid digital strategy.
  • A strong process for social impact product development
  • Extending scrum methodologies for social impact products.
  • Create apps and web development.
  • Branding, designing to create social impact
  • Measuring social impact created by the products.

BothOfUs primarily concentrates on

  • UN SDG goals contributing projects.
  • youth entrepreneurship,
  • woman entrepreneurship,

The How ?

The process starts with in-depth study on product following GV sprint method by learning

  • Market
  • Competitive smartness
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Deciding on digital strategy for next 18 months.
  • Budget and resource planning for next 18 months.

The result is a budget and scope focus with details on how to execute scope.

An average startups loose up-to €10,000 to 50,000 over 2 years with no proper pre-study.

Walk the walk.

BøthOfUs does the product execution by following

  • Double diamond method in design
  • UX — user experience or usability aspects of the product.
  • UI — Use interface or presentation layer to the users.
  • BE — Backend (The Brain of the product) development
  • FE -Front end (The face of the product) development
  • Quality assurance (Including cyber security) testing
  • Release management
  • Maintenance of the product

The who?

BothOfus is not an outsourcing consultancy or agency.

BøthOfUs is with a strong value to work only on social impact projects and with founders who respect cognitive diversity to work as single team together

BøthOfUs act as trusted partners and only work long term, collectively, as a single team. BøthOfUs can therefore,

  • Go to pitch events with investors or grant possibilities,
  • Plan together for the product growth and then proper execution,
  • Assist the social entrepreneurs to form their own internal team,
  • Apply for funding together as consortium.

BøthOfus is not an outsourcing consultancy or agency, it is a cause based for profit organisation working towards accelerating social impact with tech and design.

For more information or for quick suggestions, you can reach us here:

Website: https://bothofus.se/

English speaking market: Kay (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaynag/ )




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BøthOfUs AB

BøthOfUs AB

Working on UN SDG goals and helping companies working on UN SDG goals with tech and design.