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Here is your checklist of self analyse.

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Here is the checklist on self assessment for your startup incase if you are applying for grants in EU.

  1. Founders charisma — Founder should be great with charisma or passion to solve the problem and also have knowledge of the topic which the startup is trying to solve.
  2. Management team — The Management should be quite cool and add competency with good attitude
  3. Market opportunity of the startup
  4. Traction the startup achieved/will achieve
  5. Financial knowledge — The founder should understand key metrics of their business
  6. Pitch deck should be well designer and easy to consume with information
  7. Statement of what will the grant be used for
  8. The financial projection should be believable
  9. Marketing — Explaining how the company will market the product
  10. Promo video — This is always a added bonus, the video should be max of 1 min explaining quick about product and its advantage (Sustainable competitive advantage)

EU level grant for small business — https://ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tenders/how-apply/eligibility-who-can-get-funding/funding-opportunities-small-businesses_en

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